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'ARTIST'S CHOICE' by Per Inge Bjørlo

from March 2018

The Trustees of The Anthony Shaw Collection have great pleasure in announcing the next display at York Art Gallery, to be selected and displayed by the distinguished Norwegian sculptor, Per Inge Bjørlo.
Anthony Shaw says of Per Inge 'He is very honest to himself, something I greatly admire. I look forward to his 'take' on the collection'.
Per Inge says:
'Art is a way of thinking.
Artists have always dealt with the pressure of their time and the volume of themselves - expressing this knowledge into all kinds of materials, to make it more exact than words.
I am asked to present myself differently than the result of my art, but find it impossible as I hardly know myself.......
I have not yet had the possibility to see The Anthony Shaw Collection in reality - to touch the objects and learn their questions and answers.
But I have met Anthony, the man behind this rich collection, who I trust - and as he trusts me to do this, we risk it together.'

Per Inge Bjørlo:Self Portrait 2009; in the collection of the artist

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